Pearl of the Ceresio

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Its typical narrow streets, the porticoes of the ancient aristocratic houses, prestigious architectural monuments and a lush, subtropical vegetation make Morcote the veritable “Pearl of the Ceresio”.


This peaceful village on the lakeshore, once entirely devoted to fishing, is the winner of the contest for "the most beautiful village in Switzerland".


The artistic, cultural and architectural points of interest are: the Church of Santa Maria del Sasso in Rennaissance Baroque style, the suggestive terraced cemetery, the monumental stairs made up of 404 steps and The Captain’s Tower. Nature lovers, on the other hand, can immerse themselves in the Scherrer Park where an impressive world of subtropical flora is waiting to be discovered. In this park, that offers many examples of different architectural styles, you’ll have the opportunity of taking an exciting trip through time and space in a world where past and present, history and nature blend harmoniously.


Discover all the events happening in Morcote.


Morcote- Scala Monumentale
Ore 15:30

Morcote Scal'23

La primia edizione di Morcote Scal si terrà sabato 1° aprile 2023.

Informazioni e iscrizioni.

Morcote - Chiesa Santa Maria del Sasso
Ore 17:00

Parrocchia di Morcote

Il Gruppo Sacre Rappresentazioni di Locarno presenta:

Respirate sempre Cristo "Vita di S. Antonio Abate".


Morcote - Spazio Garavello 7
Ore 10:00

BeeFit - alleniamoci per la sostenibilità

Sabato 22 aprile 2023 alle ore 10.00 si svolge a Morcote, sulla splendida terrazza denominata Spazio Garavello 7 (7* piano autosilo comunale) una delle 4 tappe di BeeFit, il tour del fitness all’aria aperta, adatto a tutti, ideato da Associazione Zenzero per raccogliere fondi destinati alla realizzazione del Primo Santuario delle Api in Ticino.

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Morcote, Switzerland