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RockandSwing a Morcote!

Swing the World

Swing the World is a project born with the aim of entertaining people creatively, stimulating them to spend time outside the walls of the house, having fun outdoors. The founders of this initiative are two young people from Ticino who are passionate about photography and video-making who produce swings by hand which are then installed in particularly suggestive places. They want to introduce the world to the hidden, breathtaking and “instagrammable” corners of the area. All with an eye to ecology. All the materials for the creation of the swings are chosen and selected to make them integrate in the best way with the surrounding environment, supporting nature. Through social media it is possible to follow the project to stay updated on all new future locations. The swing creates a perfect frame for a fairytale image, share your photograph with them! Sit down, breathe the fresh air and let yourself be carried away by your emotions.


In Morcote – one of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland and one of Roger Federer’s favorite places – #RockandSwing by Radio Morcote International is born, the first swing in the world to the sound of rock! From today #swingtheworld, the suggestive swing that is becoming popular in Ticino and beyond, is installed in Morcote in one of the most fascinating places in the village, sealing its authentic rock soul. In fact, Morcote Turismo and Radio Morcote International offer all visitors to the village an incredible experience: swinging while observing the spectacular bell tower of Santa Maria del Sasso and the incredible shades of Lake Ceresio to the rhythm of the best rock music of all time. A new outdoor location to discover a few steps from the core of the village, new emotions to live and listen to, a new rock experience immersed in an unparalleled landscape and in the authenticity of a magical place, where you can simply sit in contemplation of so much beauty or create creative content to share on social media.


Enjoying this unique experience is really simple and fun! In fact, alongside #swingtheworld, the QRCode of Radio Morcote International is displayed, thanks to which you can immediately access the site and the music of the radio. You can also download the free #app even before arriving in Morcote. At that point the game is done: observing the panorama from a different point of view means becoming the creators of your own film. Mobile in hand it will be possible to immortalize your moment, like real directors of yourself, whose soundtrack is edited by Radio Morcote International, the most listened to rock radio in Ticino, and beyond.


Giacomo Caratti, Mayor of Morcote said “When the #RockandSwing project was proposed to me, I welcomed it with open arms. Morcote has in fact a strong tradition and musical identity and is a beauty that must be savored and shared as much as possible. Giving visitors and Morcotesi the chance to savor it with a new perspective, that of #swingtheworld, means giving a unique experience “and continues” We are sure that enjoying the wonders of the village to the sound of rock thanks to the music of Radio Morcote International, it will give an indelible memory and emotion in everyone’s memory ”concludes Caratti.


What to do

  • download the Radio Morcote International #app (www.radiomorcoteinternational.com) or scan the QR code located next to the Morcote swing and click Listen
  • place the phone to take your photos and videos
  • swing and enjoy the wonderful landscape on the only #swingheworld in the world to the sound of rock and roll
  • share your videos and photos on social networks and that’s it!